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blast. >>> still one more note about terrorism tonight. india's prime minister says that he has "credible information" -- his words -- that militant groups in pakistan are planning new attacks on his country. last november, 166 people were killed in mumbai in an operation apparently conceived and organized in pakistan. >>> the talk of india today was the detention over the weekend by customs officials at newark airport of one of india's most famous actors, shah rukh khan. khan is a muslim and his name came up on a computer alert list. many indians like gayatri goswami of mumbai expressed outrage. she writes -- "the detention was shameful. the u.s. shoulapologize. they better." but others were much more understanding. one indian man implored his countrymen. wake up, india. wake up. it's time for tight security. i would appreciate it if india takes similar actions against each and every person who enters and exits india. >>> and another sign tonight that the global recession seems to be ending. at least the worst of it. japan, the world's second largest economy, announced today th
in print. one of the documentaries we did was in india. it was a very interesting story that we are going to go with that had to do with a group of women in a little village who had organized themselves and built a road to their village. these were women who had taught themselves how to do this work, and then confronted the men and ended up getting the men to pay them for the work. we decided that was a story we cannot do on radio, because no one spoke english. we did all the interviews the translation and reviewed all the tapes and said we just cannot put this on air, because people will be listening to half an hour of language they do not understand. >> how have you found your time being spent, now that you do this plus your column? >> audio and radio work is very time-consuming. there are lots of things to pull together. probably the last year i have spent more time doing audio work than anything else. this year i suspect i will flip a little bit and devote more time to print. i am about to start working on a new book as well. >> what is it about? >> i wrote a book close to 15 years ag
be off the on markets like india in particularly actually. >> mark, this is christine again. one story we're focusing on, china's wealth fund, cic to buy u.s. mortgages. what does it say about the chinese appetite for u.s. trishes, and is this an ideal investment for the chinese? >> gee, i didn't see that news headline. i would say $2 billion isn't a lot of money for china. it's a lot of money for the rest of us but not for china. the chinese have been very explicit they want to take advantage of the weak prices globally to make acquisitions. they've been trying to make acquisitions in resources around the world. i don't read anything huge into it. sorry, christine, not one way or the other. >> thanks for joining and sharing your thoughts with us. mark matthews and aaron snipe. >>> banker bonuses under attack from all sides in the u.k. chancellor alstair darling told the sunday times he will change the law to ensure compensation is not paid to employees whose actions put banks at risks. the comments come with reports from bar clays is offering a massive package for several employees being
by customs oicials at newark aiort of one of india's most famous actors, sharukh khan. khan is a muslim and his ne came uon a computer alert list. many indians likgayatri goswami of mumbai expresd outrage. she writes -- he detention was shameful. the u.s. sulapologize. they better." but others wermuch more undersnding. one indian man implored hi countrymen wake up, india. wake u it time for tight security. i would appreciate iif india takes milar actions against each and every person whenters and exits dia. >>> and another si tonight that t global recession seems to be ending. at leasthe worst of it. japan, the world's second largeseconomy, announced today that its economyrew at an annual rate of 3.7% in t cond quarter. helped along by an increase exportto china. you'll recall that the econoes ofermany and france also rebounded ring the last quarter. spite all of this though, stock markets fell srply around theorld today. >>> and now to the middle ea ident hosni mubak is in washinon for high-level talks with obama admintration officials. and amera has a lot riding on mubarak. the united
to come to the rescue but ended up in the hospital. >>> and india's biggest movie star questioned at a u.s. airport for over an hour which is now becoming an international incident. every day fancy feast introduces an entirely new way to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. new fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. new fancy feast appetizers. >>> welcome back. these are the latest headlines from abc news. the florida panhandle is being pounded by heavy rain as claudette came ashore overnight near ft. walton beach. it'll move inland toward alabama later today. >>> forecasters are keeping an eye on ana and bill which are gaining strength in the atlantic. neither of these storms is expected to make landfall. >>> and president obama may drop his demand for a government-run health insurance option, a move that could alienate some liberal democrats but gain republican support. >>> well, chicago rest depths
's left hundreds dead. >>> plus, anger boiling over in india right now at the way one of the country's biggest stars was treated by u.s. immigration officials we're learning new details right now of the incident that's grown to a real international controversy. i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's commander for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> he's been focusing like a laser beam on health care reform, but for a brief time today, president obama put america's servicemen and women front and center speaking at the convention in phoenix and vowing more money and help for vets struggling to deal with life after combat. let's go to our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what was the president's basic message to the vets? >> reporter: urging more patience in afghanistan, a war that has been going almost eight years, the president telling me that the fighting is fierce, that the u.s. will not defeat the tlaliban overnight. out here on the streets of the convention center, some of the groups that used to stalk preside
, india, china, other places that the rest of us will only read about in the next three to six months. >> one, the world economy, which we've seen bottom here is actually growing in some other parts of the world. so we're not tumbling into utter collapse. this is big news. both china and india, a lot of economic a econom economic activity. that's good. second thing i was really shocked by, we just saw, we got the new weather in the caribbean. we have a new el nino, which is a worldwide climate change, annual change. and what it means is because of what's happening in the pacific ocean, we got drought in india. so you say, what is drought in india? well, they produce sugar, they produce beans and other things that are now going to be down. world market prices are soaring for those things. so in this interconnected world, this climate stuff is bouncing all over the world when it hits. the third thing i saw is that everybody is trying to scramble right now. how are we going to get on to a long-term, really sustainable recovery? and that brings us to an event that people need to watch a l
and india. is it critical that the united states try to play a role? that's on really problematic with respect to the indians in terms of defusing tensions between india and pakistan. is that outside 9 postal -- the portfolio of this group? >> it is outside the portfolio of my job. on the other hand, i am in constant touch with the indians. i met with the indians continually. the new ambassador in washington and i have had dinner recently and she and i are in close touch. i go to indio whenever the schedule permits. i stress we're completely transparent. the secretary of state and my close colleague assistant secretary for south asia, central asian affairs bob blake and i were in india recently and the indians are a major factor in the region. they're the dominant power. improveb -- improving u.s.-indian relations ha been a continual goal of the last three u.s.strations, all which i think have been successful in that regard, starting with president clinton's trip in 2000. i will keep the indians fully informed and i have an indian counterpart who i keep fully informed in india. >>
you make of this? you know what is going on with sugar is you have monsoons in india and brazilians taking a lot of money away into ethanol production and it isn't this sinister white house effort. what do you make of it? >> it really isn't a sinister white house effort. we have a two-price system for shirg. we pay domestic producers roughly twice the world price and those that consume sugar are upset about that. they don't like paying twice the price. they are trying to get down to the world price. i don't blame them. it is a perfect example of what you do when you screw around. i'm the only one old enough to remember when hi dad was in price of controls under nixon. it screwed things up terribly. i'm worried we will have it in healthcare and screwed up price system and i'm extremely worried. this sugar thing is an objective lesson. neil: you are referring to -- what do you think? >> price controls are coming in gasoline probably, energy. pause you see what they want to do with regulating. the commodities markets and keeping out speculators. this is the perfect example of how gover
. >>> in india, this guy's a big bollywood star. in new jersey, just a guy who apparently looks to somebody else like a terrorist. is this a tsa profiling case or somebody trying to get publicity for themselves? i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack. my daughter was with me. i took a bayer aspirin out of my purse and chewed it. my doctor said the bayer aspirin saved my life. please talk to your doctor about aspirin and your heart. i'm going to be grandma for a long time. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. it can help cover some pd what medicare doesn't... so you could save up to thousands of dollars... in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit... and medicare guide. if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare, you should know about this card; it's the only one of its kind... that carries the aarp name -- see if it's right for you. you choose your doctor. choose your hospital. and
. >> and how are we doing on that very well, china and india are becoming rich. that's the center of gravity to the world, china and india. if they become rich countries the majority of moneykind is rush marine tour sglnjts in the remained of your life, whether 10 years, or 20 years or what you-- what would you like to achieve? >> i don't have any illusions that i will karks chief these great things. i like to help push people and push things in a sensible way. >> as you know most people think your more interesting ideas in physics came a long time ago. >> that's true. >> rose: i know. >> i enjoy life and don't particularly care what i'm doing at that moment that is interested. is it challenging and interesting to you you? >> science, of course, to me is sun and just like painting pictures or anything else. >> rose: it's a puzzle. >> well, i would say it's a technical skill, which is fun to exercise. >> rose: yeah. there is this idea that physics has had its sentry, and the. >> i think that's quite likely to be true. it's certain that physics has slowed down during my lifetime. largely just
into africa. they even made it to india. but first there is someone he would love to see. that will all be made into a documentary. >> my son will get a camera to take her picture when, you know, i drive up across that bridge into the farmhouse. that will be a surprise. because you know, she is danish, as they say, danish. i know that the word she will use. >> that is them reporting. they say that the documentary, they will call all of them and still trying to raise the money to take that trip. >>> that is less than an hour away. and they are sitting in for them tonight. joining us live with a preview. what's going on? >> hello, derek. coming up tonight, an exclusive investigation into a battle that has erupted into aarp. president obama said that the senior groups, they supported the healthcare reform. but the aarp, they are saying not so fast. and now thousands of members, they are leaving. we'll have the inside story and much more tonight only on the rbs evening thus right after nine news now. we hope you'll stay tuned. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much for that. >>> and
they tend to move them around because they fear a pre-emptive attack from india. so they move these weapons around and if there were an insider to help the terrorists get ahold of one of these weapons while in transit that's a definite problem but again the problem is inside not blasting their way in to a nuclear base. >> talking about those who might be blasting their way in, the president said he is confident the u.s. could make sure the arsenal is secure because the army recognizes the hazards of weapons falling in 0 the wrong hands be you have if people inside, who are muslims or supporters of taliban isn't that a problem with some in the military they could be supportive of the terrorists as well? >> sure. we don't expect the president to say anything else. we won't say he is worried an the security of the weapons or where they are. we are worried about religious penetration of the lab and its work force. that's the big worry. the point i made in my column today, no number of predator drones can find the secret agents inside of there. technology has its limits and what we need are good
promoting a film about racial profiling. people were really upset about this in india. the indian government said it is taking this up with the u.s. embassy there. a u.s. customs official told the associated press that the questioning was part of a routine process. >>> a group the veterans got the welcome they missed when they returned home from vietnam. this special ceremony was held at ft. campbell, kentucky. many vets say when they originally came back from vietnam, they were often met with angry protestors and not welcome home ceremonies. a spokesman for ft. campbell says he hopes there are more ceremonies like this one at other bases. >>> a possible tornado ripped up trees and tossed around cars. this is in southern florida. according to local reports, 23 homes in cape coral were damaged. there were also three fires because of lightning. neighbors met yesterday cleaning up the damage. >> the power was out. we couldn't close the garage door and stuff was flying in the garage and sucking out of the garage. it was crazy. >> as everything swirled and slapped around, things were over here. t
and demonstrations of around india against the united states. bald was the reason? was their something, that found some kind of underground connections or why -- he was in the u.s. dozens of times in the past and there was no problem at all. >> i actually think that the ambassador, our ambassador to india put out a statement on this case. beyond that i think i will defer to the department of homeland security. >> are you a thinking [inaudible] harassment, he feels since he was coming round the usa [inaudible] >> i am not equipped to comment on the case at this point. >> this has gone back to an older issue but it is again a new u.s. ambassador is starting in london and the mayor of london's office as well as members of the london assembly are calling for the u.s. to reevaluate its policy on congestion fees for the city and what the united states to pay 3.5 million pounds of fees' they say the united states owes. >> is there any change of policy coming or would you consider changing policy based on new ambassador? >> our policy does not change with the change of ambassador. >> what is the policy? >
and domestic fund holders sold equities in india in the past week. what do you make of the chinese story here? >> what i would read into that is china's been the leading indicator of all the economies throughout the world in that they've put their money to work a lot more aggressively than we have where there's a lot of bipartisan debate as to how quickly orr where the money should go. they put it to work and restocked commodities across the boor and that on a week over week basis has been slowing down and if you look at the baltic dry index it's actually down 26% from the june highs and put the june together, slower baltic dry index that's come down, and people sense that perhaps they're taking a step back and the economy that's been surging throughout the world. people are a little bit nervous, and it's hard to argue points made earlier. but i think the best way to go about investing right now is to buy high-quality growth stocks that aren't dependent on the capital markets, that are doing well despite the structural problems that still exist. >> you mention a good point in terms of the bal
, china andndia are becoming rich. that the center of gravity to the world,hina and india. if they become rich countries the majority ofoneykind is rush marine tour snjts in the remain of your life, whether 10 years,r 20 ars or what you-- what would you like to achieve? >> i don't he any illusions at i willarks chief the great things. i like to help push peopl and push tngs in a sensible w. as you know most peoplethink your more interesti ideas in physics me a long time ago. >> that's true. >>ose: i know. >> i enjoyife and don't particully care what i'm dng that moment thats inrested. is it chlenging and intereing to you yo? >> science, of course, to me is sun and justike painting pictures or anhing else. >> rose: is puzzle. >> wel i would say 's a technical skill, which is fun t exerse. >> rose: yeah. there is this idea that physics has had i sentry, and the. >> i think that's quite likely to be true. it's ctain that physics has slowed down dung my lifetime. largely just bause the experiments have become sslow. but biology, at the sa time, has en speeding up. so i think it's probly true
by immigration officials at the newark airport. some angry fans are burning american flags in india while others are marching with posters of shah rukh khan. the 44-year-old actor initially said he was detained for hours because his last name showed up on a computer alert list. immigration officials say it was just a routine stop. khan is now downplaying the incident while promoting his new movie about racial profiling in the post- 9/11. >>> who would possibly -- could possibly beat tiger woods? someone did today in a major tournament, believe it or not. (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. >>> tiger woods has never lost a major tournament when he was leading at the start of the final round. well, that was until today. south korean ye yang beat tiger by three strokes.
. >> you've been traveling the world a good bit including recently coming back from india. >> i've been in china and india. fortunately those economies are still moving ahead. thank goodness we have some part of the world economy working. that's some good news. >> and it was interesting, i did see a report that sa
, to countries like china and india and they market that. that obviously wasn't a very good marketing tool yesterday at that air show. the squadron leader of the sequoia 27 killed on impact to the ground. jane: to the city of chicago now where things have shut down. the city has shut down. we're not kidding here. jon: chicago is closed? jane: the budget cuts there have forced the city really to tell all nonessential workers stay home today, we're not going to pay you so don't show up. that means no garbage pickup, most of the city offices are closed, libraries won't open up. steve brown is essential to us. he's on the job. explain to me here who is furloughed. >> well, it's basically all public employees, minus those that work for the fire, police department, and emergency services. you hit a lot of the majors. garbage isn't going to be collected today, senior centers are close. medical and health clinics run by the city are not open. and city hall is shut down. it affects all of those folks. jane: i hate to say this but if you're looking to the future, chicago may not be alone in this. i
of the most famous men in india was detained at newark airport, questioned for hours by immigration officials. there's a lot of outrage. he says it was a case of profiling because of his last name. 57 minutes past the hour. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever. or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the new pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ the choice is yours -- 100 of these or 100 pringles. same cost but a lot more fun. everything pops with the new pringles superstack can! ♪ ( whooshing, riders cheering ) >>> all right. our top videos right now on fans are outraged after one of bollywood's biggest stars was detained for hours over the weekend. immigration officials say that he was stopped when his name came up on a computer alert list. and in a case of from the you can't make thi
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)